Product Management Tips for Hardware Startups

Executive QA Product Management TipsFor software companies, product iteration is a game of speed: ship products quickly and iterate based on customer feedback.

For hardware companies, the game can be more complex.  Even marginal improvements to hardware might implicate a company’s cost structure, supply chain, and more.

We spoke with Mac Dougherty, CEO of Cognitive Electronics, to find out how his company thinks about product management. Cognitive Electronics is a big data hardware startup headquartered in Boston, MA.


Meet the Co-Founders of Futuristic Design Firm: Perception


Perception is a creative design studio that provides futuristic UI and HUD design for feature films and global technology brands.  The firm has worked on major motion pictures, including Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Enterprise clients include IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Co-founders Jeremy Lasky and Danny Gonzalez share their experiences with ExecutiveQA.

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Entering New Markets: Q&A with Dinner Lab

In this preview post, we ask Zach Kupperman, COO and Co-Founder of Dinner Lab, about the company’s approach to rapid growth.

Dinner Lab

Company: Dinner Lab 
Headquarters: New Orleans, LA 
Description: Dinner Lab is a membership-based supper club that lets up-and-coming chefs test their recipes by preparing multi-course meals for a private audience.  Each of the company’s pop-up dinners are hosted at unique locations, such as art galleries, warehouses, and helipads.
Interviewee: Zach Kupperman, COO and Co-Founder


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Sourcing Big-Time Clients: Q&A with Perception

In this preview post, we ask Jeremy Lasky and Danny Gonzalez, co-founders of Perception, about their approach to sourcing big time clients.


Company: Perception
Headquarters: New York City, NY
Description: Perception is a creative design studio that provides futuristic UI and HUD design for both feature films (e.g. “The Avengers”) and global technology brands (e.g. IBM).
Interviewees: Jeremy Lasky, Co-Founder | Danny Gonzalez, Co-Founder


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Understanding Big Data: Q&A with Cognitive Electronics

In this preview post, Cognitive Electronics CEO Mac Dougherty discusses the confusion surrounding big data.

Cognitive Electronics

Company: Cognitive Electronics
Headquarters: Boston, MA
Description: Cognitive Electronics develops hardware solutions to address the challenge of analyzing big data in real-time.
Interviewees: Mac Dougherty, CEO | Chuck Toye, VP of Business Development


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Finding and Choosing Mentors: Q&A with Onward Reserve

In this preview post, we ask Onward Reserve CEO TJ Callaway about his thoughts on finding and selecting mentors.

Onward Reserve

Company: Onward Reserve
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Description: Onward Reserve is an e-commerce retailer that specializes in men’s gifts, apparel, and home goods. In addition to its online store, the company has several physical locations across the United States.
Interviewee: TJ Callaway, Founder and CEO


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Preview: Q&A with Shopper’s Choice

In this preview post, Shopper’s Choice CEO Corey Tisdale shares insight on working with overseas manufacturers.


Company: Shopper’s Choice
Headquarters: Baton Rouge, LA
Description: LLC is the largest e-commerce company in Louisiana. They provide specialty products for the home, including appliances, furniture, and home accessories.
Interviewee: Corey Tisdale, Co-Founder and CEO


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